Facebook is an app, an online software solution that has many layers and complexities but for the average user, exploring the depth of features and tools isn’t necessary for day to day use. For some people scrolling through their news feed reading news and posting cat videos is more than enough. But what about those that don’t won’t to be average? What about if you have a business or brand that you want to gain more exposure for and leverage the power of the world’s largest online gathering? Well in that case you may want to dig a bit deeper and find out what other tools Facebook has to offer. In this blog I have listed a bunch of those hidden treasures that will help to explore more data and enrich your Facebook experience.

News Feed Preferences

This is a micro insight tool where you can view the frequency of activity that has been shared in your newsfeed. This is a handy feature because you can determine between the most engaged sources sorted by friends, groups and pages. In most cases this tool highlights the power of Facebook groups as you will notice they tend to have more display in your feed than pages. This is also a great tool for managing who you follow and unfollow and optimising your newsfeed so the information and content you want to discover is top of page.


Activity Log

Have you ever:
Accepted a friend request and then forgotten their name?
Hidden a post from your fan page and wanted to republish it a later date?
Have you liked a page and then lost access to it somehow?
Wanted to see all the posts you are mentioned in?

Your activity log is the kitchen cupboard for your account and is a great place to browse for missed opportunities and prospects. One example would be to activate an under performing post that you had hidden once it gets some traction or if the topic of the post suddenly begins to trend.


Hidden Inbox

By now I’m sure you have discovered the hidden inbox attached to your account but if you haven’t already now is the time to head over and take a look. More than likely it will be filled with spam and marketing offers but that should be enough to get you thinking. Messages in this inbox are from people who are not directly connected to you, or from messages delivered to you via your Facebook email address which is: yourusername@facebook.com. Alternatively you could send any Facebook user an email via this method which is then delivered to there personal email.


Paid Messaging

While we are on the subject of messages did you know you can private message someone without being their friend? For around $1 Facebook allows you to direct message anyone through their profile.  To access paid messages select the
See More option in the footer of the message window. Now for all you cold callers out there just think of what this feature combined with some LinkedIn research could do for your lead pipe.


Remote Logout

Have you ever logged into your Facebook account on a friends computer and forgot to log out? This handy little feature will let you log out remotely and even let you see if anyone has been snooping around in your account. To access this section go to your Settings/Security and click on the option: Where You’re Logged In. From there you will see a list of active sessions which you can choose to log out of.


Send Files over Chat

Did you know you can send nearly any kind of file via Facebook chat messenger? This is a super cool feature for sharing documents fast while chatting with friends. See screen shot below for details.



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