• The car park is always a long way from the campsite so make sure you pack light and take a trolley with you so it’s easy to move your festival gear around.
  • Pack essential toiletries so you aren’t caught short. Include: dry shampoo, hand sanitiser, wet wipes, toilet roll and hangover cures.
  • A multi-use lightweight towel, which also works as a wrap or somewhere to sit, is also very useful.
  • Aways pack a pair of earplugs so you can get some sleep… if you want to!
  • If your festival is in a country where the weather can’t be guaranteed, pack: sunglasses, sun hat, sun cream, flip-flops, boots and a rain jacket.
  • Don’t ever loose your friends or tent by taking a festival flag with you.
  • Take plenty of water with you (No brainer tip).


  • Download an app similar to Shazam before you go, so you can find out the music playing simply by using your smart phone. You can find out more useful festival apps here.
  • Get yourself a great head torch and a long-lasting battery. You’ll need it.
  • If you want to upload your pictures before anyone else, make sure you have your own wifi and smart phone charging unit. You can find out more about the portable wifi unit we use here.
  • Take a handy sized backpack, just big enough to fit all your belongings in for a day on the festival site.
  • If you intend to sleep where you drop, you might want to get one of these wearable sleeping bags.
  • It’s a fallacy that ‘two man tents’ are big enough for two fully grown men or women with backpacks, drinks and other festival essentials. So unless you want to be chewing your tent-mate’s elbows every night, buy a tent that’s plenty big enough. Keep things simple by getting the easiest tent to pitch. Our choice would be the WOW Tents.


  • Gazebos are a godsend! Not only a great place to chillax with friends, they provide shelter from the rain and, if you’re very lucky, shade from the sun.
  • Most people take simple foam camping mats but these do little to cushion that pointed rock you’ve expertly positioned your tent on. Take an air bed – your festival experience will never be the same again.
  • Bin Bags are an essential item if you want to keep your living area habitable! Great for rubbish, empty beer cans, muddy clothes and they can also double as a ground mat!
  • Remember to take all your prescription drugs with you and if you’re a hay fever sufferer pack some antihistamines. Headache tablets are also a must for your hangovers!
  • Depending on how much grub you’re planning to take to a festival, cool bags will help keep your food fresher for longer. In a baking hot tent, however, cool bags don’t stay too cool for long!


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